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Campus NameDepartment NameDescription
IIT (ISM) DhanbadElectrical EngineeringThe Electrical Engineering department is one of the latest of the existing depar
IIT (ISM) DhanbadElectronics EngineeringInitiated as a supporting department to ISM Dhanbad in 1976, the Department of E
IIT (ISM) DhanbadEnvironmental Science and EngineeringThe Department of Environmental Engineering was created out of existing Centre o
IIT (ISM) DhanbadFuel & Mineral EngineeringThe Department of Fuel and Mineral Engineering was founded in the year 1976 to a
IIT (ISM) DhanbadHumanities and Social ScienceThe Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is one of the first departments
IIT (ISM) DhanbadManagement StudiesThe Department of Industrial Engineering and Management was established in 1977
IIT (ISM) DhanbadMechanical EngineeringThe Department of Engineering was an indispensible constituent, of Indian School
IIT (ISM) DhanbadMining EngineeringThe Department of Mining Engineering was established in 1926 with the founding o
IIT (ISM) DhanbadMining Machinery EngineeringThe Department of Mining Machinery Engineering was the Department of Engineering
IIT (ISM) DhanbadPetroleum EngineeringThe Department of Petroleum Engineering aims to provide advanced teaching and re


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