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IIT BombayCentre for Aerospace Systems Design and EngineeringThe Centre for Aerospace Systems Design and Engineering (CASDE) was set up at th
IIT BombayCentre for Environmental Science and EngineeringThe post-graduate programs and activities of the Centre for Environmental Scienc
IIT BombayCentre for Formal Design and Verification of SoftwareThe Centre for Formal Design and Verification of Software has been set up with t
IIT BombayCentre for Research in Nanotechnology & ScienceIIT Bombay is one of the leading institutions in the country for research in the
IIT BombayCentre for Technology Alternatives for Rural AreasIn the last two decades, our country has witnessed significant and rapid changes
IIT BombayCentre of Studies in Resources EngineeringEstablished in IIT Bombay in 1976, Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering (C
IIT BombayClimate StudiesThe interdisciplinary programme (IDP) in Climate Studies was initiated at the In
IIT BombayDepartment of Aerospace EngineeringEstablished in 1966-67 as the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, it was ren
IIT BombayDepartment of Biosciences and BioengineeringThe Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering comprises mainly two areas repr
IIT BombayDepartment of Chemical EngineeringOne of the original departments to be established in 1958, the Department of Che


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