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IIT BombayDepartment of ChemistryFrom a small beginning in 1965, the Department of Chemistry has grown into a maj
IIT BombayDepartment of Civil EngineeringThe Department of Civil Engineering has been a part of IITB since its inception
IIT BombayDepartment of Computer Science and EngineeringThe Department offers opportunities to students to carry out research in the fol
IIT BombayDepartment of Earth SciencesThe Department of Earth Sciences constituted in 1982 from the erstwhile Geology
IIT BombayDepartment of Electrical EngineeringThe Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) is one of the major Departments of
IIT BombayDepartment of Energy Science and EngineeringEnergy Systems Engineering (ESE) was founded in 1981 as an inter-disciplinary gr
IIT BombayDepartment of MathematicsThe Department of Mathematics (also started in 1958) conducts basic, applied and
IIT BombayDepartment of Mechanical EngineeringThe Department has 41 faculty members, 200 UG students, 245 PG students and 63 p
IIT BombayDepartment of Metallurgical Engineering & Materials ScienceThe Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science is devoted to
IIT BombayDepartment of PhysicsThe physics department at IIT Bombay, established in 1958, is one of the premier


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