Faculty Strength Statistics

Data updated during 16th Aug - 31st Aug / 15th Jan - 30th Jan

Academic Year
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Academic Year : 2018 - 2019
Name of the InstituteAcademic YearAs OnIn-Position
Male Strength
Female Strength
Total Strength
Total Sanctioned StrengthUploaded On
IIT Kharagpur2018-201915th Aug5908967912192018-09-07
15th Jan5969068612152019-01-16
IIT Bombay2018-201915th Aug
15th Jan5449263610172018-01-19
IIT Madras2018-201915th Aug
15th Jan5226758902019-01-22
IIT Kanpur2018-201915th Aug365333986942019-02-14
15th Jan383364196942019-02-18
IIT Delhi2018-201915th Aug403794827502019-01-28
15th Jan415834987502019-01-28
IIT Guwahati2018-201915th Aug3615341402018-09-25
15th Jan3615341402019-01-09
IIT Roorkee2018-201915th Aug354604147762018-08-20
15th Jan361624237762019-01-16
IIT Bhubaneswar2018-201915th Aug113101231702018-08-27
15th Jan118131311702019-01-24
IIT Hyderabad2018-201915th Aug168221902602018-08-16
15th Jan172251972602019-01-25
IIT Patna2018-201915th Aug108101181552018-10-01
15th Jan100101101402018-10-01
IIT Gandhinagar 15th Aug
15th Jan
IIT Jodhpur2018-201915th Aug491362902018-09-05
15th Jan
IIT Ropar2018-201915th Aug1282014802018-10-09
15th Jan
IIT Indore2018-201915th Aug101141151302018-08-21
15th Jan110131231502019-01-16
IIT Mandi2018-201915th Aug751893912018-08-21
15th Jan9128119912019-02-26
IIT (BHU) Varanasi2018-201915th Aug250402905562018-10-23
15th Jan248392876082019-02-06
IIT Palakkad 15th Aug
15th Jan
IIT Tirupati 15th Aug
15th Jan
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad2018-201915th Aug271202917112018-09-17
15th Jan270202907112019-01-25
IIT Bhilai 15th Aug
15th Jan
IIT Goa 15th Aug
15th Jan
IIT Jammu 15th Aug
15th Jan
IIT Dharwad 15th Aug
15th Jan

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