Ongoing Research Projects in The Institute

IIT Tirupati, 2019-2020
  Project Name
PI Details
1High throughput materials modeling for efficient optoelectronics and charge transport applications; towards better solar cellsDSTDr.Arun Kumar Manna
94905 59580 ,
2Force identification in existing structuresDSTDr.B Radhika
88952 39837 ,
3Structure intergrated sensors and actuators to monitor and renew machine tool performanceMHRDDr.Abijith Ganguli
88009 44019 ,
4Design, development and demonstration of indigenous hydrogen storage and fuel cell system for mobile and stationary applications of 5 KW capacityMHRDDr.E.Anil Kumar
78797 79188 ,
5Reversible alkali metal based hybrides for High Temperature Thermal Energy StorageDSTDr.E. Anil Kumar
78797 79188 ,
6Thermal-metallurgical-mechanical modeling of single and multi-wire deposition welding process using finite element method as well as CFD-FEM frameworkDSTDr. Degala Venkata Kiran
96524 03553 ,
83339 04915 99626 09753 ,
8Lambert W and Polylogarithm Operations in Theoretical and Applied PhysicsSICIDr. P.C. Deshmukh
97909 01114 ,
9Enhancing QoS in Mobile Edge Computing EnvironmentsSICIDr. P.S. Saikrishna
70326 85684 94980 73735 ,
10Ab Initio Modeling of Defects in Nanoscale MaterialsDSTDr.Arun Kumar Manna
94905 59580 ,
11Investigation on stochastic thermodynamics of entropic information: Aimining to beat the Landauer's limit SERBDr. Debasish Mondal
95152 75435 99035 67954 ,
12A Date - intensive groundwater modelling approach for evaluating sustainability of groundwater useDSTDr.Prasanna Venkatesh Sampath
94887 61564 ,
13Centre for Sustainable treatment, reuse and management for Efficient, Affordable and Synergistic solutions for waterDSTDr.Shihabhudeen Maliyekkal
91760 44656 ,
14Algorithms for smart grids - INSPIREDSTDr.Naveen Kolar Purushothama
95660 84352 ,
15Role of institutions, incentives and information in enhancing ICSSRDr.Chandra Sekhar Bahinipati
81281 60893 ,
16Wave propagation by small inhomogeneities : Applications to medical Imaging, Effective medium theory and theory of Meta-materialsDSTDr.Durga Prasad Chella
80088 02803 , chsmdp
17Points on Elliptic curve over finite fields - INSPIRE Faculty AwardDSTDr. Sumit Giri
96741 12901 ,
18Investigation of Novel Quantum Spin Liquids & Multiferroics in Geometrically Frustrated SystemsDSTDr.Koteswara Rao Bommisetti
7780110893 70361 74552 ,
19Nanomaterials based active and intelligent packaging of selected baked, fermented and fried foodsDBTDr. T S Natarajan
83339 04915 99626 09753 ,
20Lattice effects in strongly correlated electron systems SERBDr. Rudra Sekhar Manna
98741 14278 94937 08913 ,
21Synthesis and characterisation of composite thermochemical energy storage materials for solar thermal applicationsDSTDr. E. Anil Kumar
78797 79188 ,
22Narrow gap welding of 12 mm thick naval steel using tandem gas metal arc welding processNRBDr. Degala Venkata Kiran
96524 03553 ,
23DST-IIT Bombay Energy Storage Platform on HydrogenDSTDr. E. Anil Kumar
78797 79188 ,
24Hybrid Mechanical Vapor Compression with Coupled Pressure and Temperature Swing Adsorption for Smart Chiller SERBDr. E. Anil Kumar
78797 79188 ,
25Developing a novel twin-fluid atomizer for energy efficient spray drying of high viscosity liquids SERBDr. Madan Mohan Avulapati
73373 57384 ,
26A Novel approach to Wind Turbine Siting and Wind Resource Assessment using Smart Drone based Wind Measurement SystemSERBDr. Balaji Subramanian
99627 14606 ,
27Abrasive Flow Finishing of Micro to Macro Complex FeaturesDSTDr. Mamilla Ravi Sankar
8638393843 ,
28A Non-Newtonian Fluid Model for the dissipation rate of interfacial wavesSERBDr. Girish Kumar Rajan
94453 65930 ,
29Physics - based digital twin for automotive brakesSERBDr. Sriram Sundar
95383 43956 ,
30Nano-Finishing of Complex 3-DPrinted Metal and Ceramic Components Using Polymer Rheological Abrasive MediumSERBDr. Mamilla Ravi Sankar
8638393843 ,
31Failure envelopes generation for Uni-directional Composite plies / laminates using micro-scale strain and damage analysis: An experimental and numerical studySERBDr. Subba Reddy Daggumati
80088 90497 ,
32Regression Models for Doubly Inflated Multivariate Count Data using CopulaSERBDr. Ishapathik Das
80062 69461 62810 22263 ,
33Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) Faculty AwardSERBDr. B Ravinder
9042 01512 ,
34Developing a design basis for cold formed steel wall panels under seismic loadingSERBDr. M. Nithyadharan
97104 34014 ,
35A Rayleigh Wave based Technique for near surface damage detection in concrete structures through application of non-contact based sensingCSIRDr. Abhijit Ganguli
88009 44019 ,
36Production of a nanocomposite sealant from aquatic - derived waste materialsSERBDr. Shihabudheen M Maliyekkal
91760 44656 ,
37Interactive Desktop Tool for Nonstationary Internsity-Duration-Frequency Curves under Climate ChangeSERBDr. Roshan Karan Srivastav
97504 47774 ,
38"Accessing Householdes" - Preference for Energy Efficient Appliances in Bengaluru City, India: Internalities, Externalities and Social Norms"ICSSRDr. Rahul A. Sirohi
91007 60099 ,
39Panian School of Grammar: A seat of Modern Linguistics and (Post) Structural PoeticsICSSRDr. Prabha Shankar Dwivedi
89898 89068 ,
40Folk Media and Identity Construction: Production and Dissemination in Second Phase Telangana MovementICSSRDr. Vamshi Krishna Reddy Vemireddy
82804 68530 ,
41Efficient distributed computation of massive dataDSTDr. Pooja Prakash Vyavahare
95401 61825 ,
42Automated Detection and Classification of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Head CT imagesSERBDr. Subrahmanyam Gorthi
98453 69638 ,
43Coexistence of LTE - Unlicensed and WiFi: Theory and PracticeSERBDr. K P Naveen
95660 84352 ,
44A high accuracy digitizer for calibration of instrument transformersSERBDr. Prashanth Vooka
99623 94221 82470 85659 ,
45A novel scheme to cool the translational as well as internal degrees of freedom of any molecular ion beamSERBDr. Reetesh Kumar Gangwar
80181 19014 ,
46Attosecond spectroscopy as a probe of electron correlation in small polyatomicsSERBDr. Vinay Pramod Majety
73370 58990 ,
47Intelligent Test and Reliability Architecture for Extreme Low-power_x000D_ loT Sensor NodesSERBDr. Jaynarayan Thakurdas Tudu
98863 05410 ,
48Deep learning algorithms for molecular structural data analysis with applications in drug discovery and bioinformaticsSERBDr. Kalidas Yeturu
97899 00862 94800 90086 ,
49A Scalable Secure Architecture Model for Privacy and Performance in IoTSERBDr Venkataramana Badarla
79764 52644 ,
50JC Bose Fellowship AwardSERBDr. Chebrolu Pulla Rao
99690 22554 ,

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