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IIT Kharagpur2018-20191955705126Scopus Data-2019-12-19
IIT Bombay2018-201920241225110
IIT Madras2018-2019241287795
IIT Kanpur2018-2019125133253-2019-12-18
IIT Delhi2018-201924021433174-2019-12-17
IIT Guwahati2018-201915766650-2019-11-29
IIT Roorkee2018-2019116268163
IIT Bhubaneswar2018-20194361339-2019-11-19
IIT Hyderabad2018-201956919542
IIT Patna2018-20194773415-2019-11-29
IIT Gandhinagar2018-201935824
IIT Jodhpur
IIT Ropar
IIT Indore2018-201937211422
IIT Mandi2018-20192531131
IIT (BHU) Varanasi2018-201999931646-2020-01-03
IIT Palakkad2018-201913139558-722020-07-28
IIT Tirupati2018-20193500
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad2018-20199625471847-962020-01-13
IIT Bhilai2018-201931112
IIT Jammu
IIT Dharwad

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