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IIT BhubaneswarNuclear Magnetic Resoance (NMR)Determination of molecular structure of organic compounds
IIT BhubaneswarScanning Electron MicroscopeHi-resolution microscope for the analysis of surfaces and morphology of solids
IIT BhubaneswarPhysical Property Measureent systemMeasurement of magnetic, heat capacity, conductance etc. of materials
IIT BhubaneswarCryogenic Probe stationNon-destructive electrical testing using DC, RF and fiber-optic probes of semico
IIT BhubaneswarShake TableThis is a device for shaking structural models or building components with a wid
IIT BhubaneswarServo-Hydraulic Control Console (ADVANTEST 9)This system for is used static and low frequency dynamic tests on building mater
IIT BhubaneswarWind TunnelThe wind tunnel is being used in aerodynamic research to study the effects of
IIT BhubaneswarMulti purpose tilting hydraulic flumeThis apparatus can be used to carry out advanced experimental research in severa
IIT HyderabadEquipment & FacilitiesExhaustive list of all Research Equipment & Facilities can be found at given lin
IIT Patna"Power System and Protection Lab, Advance Electrical Lab, Control and Instrumentation lab, Communication and RF microwave lab, VLSI and DSP lab""Existing laboratories are equipped with modern advanced devices. "


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