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IIT PatnaThermal and Fluid Transport Laboratory (TFTL)Thermal and Fluid Transport Laboratory (TFTL) focuses on the investigation of th
IIT PatnaRailway Engineering LabRailway engineering lab works to develop the design standards for high-speed rai
IIT PatnaShusrut: ezDI Research Lab on Health Informatics To conduct research and development in some of the crucial issues having great
IIT PatnaElsevier Centre for Excellence of Natural Language ProcessingTo conduct research and development in some of the cutting edge areas of Artific
IIT PatnaIIT Patna permanent campus"All academic and Research facilities have been setup in the permanent faciltiy
IIT PatnaHumanities and Social SciencesHumanities and Social Sciences
IIT PatnaDepartment of MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics
IIT PatnaDepartment of PhysicsDepartment of Physics
IIT PatnaDepartment of ChemistryDepartment of Chemistry
IIT PatnaMaterial Science and EngineeringMaterial Science and Engineering


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