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IIT GandhinagarCivil EngineeringCivil Engineering currently has Geotechnical Laboratory equipped with basic soil
IIT GandhinagarCentral Instrumentation FacilitiesThe Central Instrumentation Facility at IIT-Gandhinagar has developed state-of-t
IIT GandhinagarCognitive Science LaboratoryThe Cognitive Science laboratory consists of facilities that enable basic and ad
IIT GandhinagarBehavioural Cubicles There are currently three behavioural cubicles housing personal computers that c
IIT GandhinagarIntelligent Affective Computing and Biometric LabIntelligent Affective Computing and Biometric Laboratory opens up a platform for
IIT GandhinagarFuel Cell Systems Research LaboratoryThe Energy Systems Research Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility which focu
IIT GandhinagarHigh-performance Computing LaboratoryThe High-Performance Computing service at IIT Gandhinagar provides parallel comp
IIT GandhinagarWind tunnel testing facilityThe wind tunnel testing facility was installed in 2013 This low speed, open loop
IIT GandhinagarWet Chemical LabsThe institute has established wet chemical laboratories for conducting classes a
IIT GandhinagarMaterials Electrochemistry LaboratoryA potentiostat-galvanostat (CH-660E, CH instrument, USA) has been procured. This


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