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IIT (BHU) VaranasiElectrical Machines and DrivesDesign, Development, Analysis and Simulation of Power semiconductor Drives
IIT (BHU) VaranasiPower SystemsLoad flow contingency analysis, state estimation and optimal operatio, Static VA
IIT (BHU) VaranasiPower ElectronicsSwitched Reluctance Motor Converters, Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
IIT (BHU) VaranasiElectrical Energy Management & Simulationlectrical Energy System Modelling and Development of performance simulation
IIT (BHU) VaranasiMicroprocessor and MicrocomputerPower control from non-conventional energy sources
IIT (BHU) VaranasiScanning Electron Microscopy with EBSD LaboratoryVariable Pressure Analytical Scanning Electron Microscope with a high resolution
IIT (BHU) VaranasiRock Mechanics & Ground ControlSimulation of underground and surface structures and rock testing
IIT (BHU) VaranasiMine Planning & DesignPlanning and design of surface and underground mines
IIT (BHU) VaranasiMine Environment & Pollution ControlMeasure various Mine environmental parameters
IIT PalakkadCentral Facility for Materials and Manufacturing EngineeringCentral Facility for Materials and Manufacturing Engineering


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