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IIT BombayCentral Surface Analytical Facility (ESCA)Electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis instrument is used for characterisat
IIT BombayConductive Atomic Force Microscope (cAFM)This facility helps to map topography and morphology of samples. It can measure
IIT BombayConfocal Laser Scanning Microscope FacilityConfocal laser scanning microscope facility is used for high quality multi wavel
IIT BombayCRYO FEG SEM Facility
IIT BombayFACS FacilityFluorescence activated cell sorting/Flow cytometer facility enables sorting of h
IIT BombayFour Dimensional X-ray Microscopy FacilityFour dimensional X-ray microscope facility is a submicron resolution 3D X-ray mi
IIT BombayGC-GC-TOF-MS Facility The GC-GC-TOF-MS facility was installed in Centre for Research in Nanotechnolog
IIT BombayHall Measurement System (HMS)Temperature dependent hall measurement can be performed using this instrument wi
IIT BombayMALDI-TOF/TOF FacilityMatrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization is a soft ionization technique used
IIT BombayNanoIndenter Facility Nanoindentation is the technique for assessing the mechanical properties of mate


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