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IIT BombayProtein Crystallography FacilityX-ray crystallography technique helps to determine biological macromolecule stru
IIT BombayScanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) FacilityScanning probe microscope facility is used to characterize surfaces and structur
IIT BombaySpinning Disc Confocal Microscope FacilitySpinning-disk confocal microscope facility is suitable for capturing fast changi
IIT BombaySurface plasmon resonance (SPR)Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is a label-free, real- time technique capable of
IIT BombayTEM Sample Preparation LaboratoryIt is used for precision thinning of samples (at final stages) to electron trans
IIT BombayBio Safety Level-2 Laboratory at BSBE DepartmentCentral Research Facility
IIT BombayTwo dimensional Gas Chromatograph with Rapid Scanning Time of Flisht Mass SpectrometerCentral Research Facility
IIT BombayProtein CrystallographyCentral Research Facility
IIT BombayConductive Atomic Force MicroscopeCentral Research Facility
IIT BombayLaser Scanning ConfocalCentral Research Facility


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