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IIT RoorkeeFluid Inclusion StageLinkom THMSG 600 – Heating-Freezing stage is fitted or C Nikon Pol Microscope
IIT RoorkeeEarth StationNOVA Satellite Earth Station for receiving NOAA-AVHRR images
IIT RoorkeeConstruction YardDemonstration and Hands-On construction based exercises
IIT RoorkeeCreative Workshop and Building Materials MuseumWood Working Machine, Drilling Machine, Painting Machine, Grinding Machine, Fini
IIT RoorkeeArt LabArtist tables with adjustable stools and other necessary equipments to carry art
IIT RoorkeeClimatology Lab The lab has all the latest equipments like - Heliodon; All Weath
IIT RoorkeePhotography Lab State-of-art digital cameras: Sony make digital video cameras, Kodak Dig
IIT RoorkeeComputer LabState of art Computer Lab fully equipped with latest Software are available f
IIT RoorkeeLibraryOur library has one of the best collections of books on architecture and plannin
IIT RoorkeeICAnalysis of cations and anions in water and wastewater


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