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IIT RoorkeeTOC / T-N AnalyserAnalysis of TOC and TN in wastewater and solid waste samples
IIT RoorkeeGR/MM Portable Aerosol SpectrometerMeasurement of airborne particles
IIT RoorkeeAASAnalysis of Heavy Metals
IIT RoorkeeGC-MS, Varian Model 240 MSAnalysis of Micropollutants
IIT RoorkeeData base on India EconomyData base on India Economy
IIT RoorkeePsychology LabScales for Psychological teaching
IIT RoorkeeMotor Alignment TesterMotor Alignment Tester
IIT RoorkeeVirtual Instrumentation SystemVirtual Instrumentation System
IIT RoorkeePressure CalibratorPressure Calibrator
IIT RoorkeeTemperature CalibratorTemperature Calibrator


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