Review Reports of IIT System

Kakodkar Committee

Report of the Committee appointed by MHRD to recommend autonomy measures to facilitate IITs scaling greater heights.The Committee has looked into various issues in the context of the terms of reference given to the committee, consulted a broad range of stake holders specially the Directors of IITs and representative faculty and had the benefit of a discussion in the IIT Council. The committee is convinced that, given the demographic advantage that we have, the need to create conditions that can bridge the aspiration gap for our youth and the importance of knowledge and innovation in our inclusive economic growth; there is a pressing need to create and expand our education-research-technology-innovation- entrepreneurship eco-system in the country. IITs are presently at the right stage to create and nurture such an environment on a significant scale. IITs can also facilitate extension of such environment to other domains in the country at an appropriate stage.This requires a strategy to take IITs to greater level of excellence and relevance. The Committee has approached its mandate from this perspective.

Kakodkar Committee Report (2011)

Rama Rao Committee

Eighteen years after the Nayudamma committee, in 2004, another committee was formed under the chairmanship of Dr Rama Rao to again review the status of IITs, report on their progress, and recommend future course correction, if any.

Rama Rao Committee Report (2004)

Nayudamma Committee

The Government of India constituted a Review Committee under the chairmanship of Dr Y. Nayudamma, Chairman, Centre for Development Alternatives, Madras to review the functioning of the five IITs at Kharagpur,Bombay, Madras, Kanpur and Delhi. Before this, to review the work and progress, the India Government has appointed separate Reviewing Committees for each of the five IITs between 1971 and 1973. This is the first time that a single common committee was appointed to review all the IITs together. The Committee examined the recommendations contained in the interim report of the Sarkar Committee.

Nayudamma Committee Report (1986)

N.R. Sarkar Committee

The Sarkar committee was set up in 1945 to advice on creation of new institutes of technology to produce adequate supply of technologists and engineers for the development of post war India. The IITs were set up based on the interim report of the committee. It never submitted the final report.

N.R. Sarkar Committee Interim Report (1948)