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IIT (BHU) VaranasiAtomic Force Microscope (AFM)Very high-resolution type of scanning probe microscopy (SPM), with demonstrated
IIT (BHU) VaranasiCondensed MatterX-ray Diffractometer and Closed Cycle Cryo-Cooler
IIT (BHU) VaranasiRemote Sensing LabMicrowave Analog signal generator, Microwave power meter, Leaf Area Index meter,
IIT (BHU) VaranasiSimultaneous DTA/TGA/DSCIt is used to perform simultaneous TGA (thermogravimetry) and DSC (differential
IIT (BHU) VaranasiNDFUR High Temp. Horizontal Electrical FurnaceHigh Temperature Industrial Furnaces
IIT (BHU) VaranasiStructural EngineeringConstruction Technology, Construction Management, Functional Design of Buildings
IIT (BHU) VaranasiTransportation EngineeringComputer driven testing system, Automatic Pavement Unevenness Integrator, Bitume
IIT (BHU) VaranasiGeotechnical EngineeringMini pressure meter, Large size direct shear machine, Soil Properties Testing Eq
IIT (BHU) VaranasiEnvironmental EngineeringSpectro photometer, Atomic absorption spectrometer, total carbon analyser, US-VI
IIT (BHU) VaranasiSurveying and Geoinformaticsemote sensing and Geographical information system software (Erdas  Imagine, Arc


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