IITs admit approximately ten thousand students every year for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. While admission into undergraduate programmes is through the JEE examination, each IIT has its own admission process for many of the postgraduate programmes. The campuses are fully residential, and all students are required to stay on campus (some IITs have started relaxing this condition due to space constraints). Each campus is a mini-town offering facilities for sports, cultural activities, and other hobbies for students.

Sports Facilities

Along with being renowned for its' academic prowess, IITs are also known for the excellent sports facilities provided to its' residents, and continous efforts are made in improving the infrastructure in sports.
In most of the IITs, sports facilities are present both at the Institute level and at the Hostel level. Some of these facilities are: Aqatics, Badminton, Vollyball, Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Squash, Athletics, Gymnasium, Snooker, Foosball.

Cultural Activities

Several cultural activities and events are conducted at IITs by Students. Some of these activities are conducted by students' clubs, e.g., Dramatics Club, Dance Club, Fine Arts Club, Music Club, Quiz Club, Literary Society etc. Besides this, several events are also organized, e.g., Intra IIT Cultural Competition, Annual Cultural Festival etc.
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