Ongoing Research Projects in The Institute

IIT Kharagpur
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IIT Kanpur, 2019-2020
SNo Project Name Scheme Name PI Details
5122597345 ,
9945718726 ,
8765195673 ,
7890249548 ,
5367891246 ,
9876123456 ,
7890123456 ,
8765432190 ,
5122594576 ,
IIT Kanpur, 2018-2019
SNo Project Name Scheme Name PI Details
5122597345 ,
9945718726 ,
8765195673 ,
7890249548 ,
5367891246 ,
9876123456 ,
7890123456 ,
8765432190 ,
5122594576 ,
SNo Project Name Scheme Name PI Details
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1. Design Innovation Centre MHRD Dr. Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury, Assoc. Prof., SCEE
2. A microfluidic based point of care testing device for measuring urine albumin using a novel organic dye MHRD-IMPRINT Dr. Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury(PI) Dr. Subrata Ghosh (Co-PI) Dr. Prosenjit Mondal (Co-PI)
3. Design and implementation of a cyber-physical system for high through put phenotyping & real time management of crops in the himalayan region DBT Dr. Srikant Srinivasan, School of Computing & Electrical Engineering
4. FIST Engineering and Technology level- FIST project DST Dr. Rajeev Kumar (PI) Dr. Himanshu Pathak, SE
5. FIST for improvement of S & T infrastructure- FIST project DST Dr. Aditi Halder, School of Basic Sciences
IIT (BHU) Varanasi, 2019-2020
SNo Project Name Scheme Name PI Details
1 Fractional Calculus approached for Two Dimensional Ground Water Contamination in Unsaturated Porous Media BRNS, BARC, Mumbai Dr. Subir Das
9451141269 ,
2 DST-INSPIRE Fellow (TiO2 Nanotube - CdSeNW based broadband "Rainbow" soalr cell) DST Breatindranath Mukherji
NA ,
3 Effect of Mean Stress on High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) Properties of GTM-SU-718 Alloy DRDO Prof. Vakil Singh, P.I/ Dr. G.S. Mahobia, Co-P.I.
NA ,
4 Exploring the Effect of Processing Parameters on the Corrosion Behavior of Iron-Alumina/Zirconia Metal Matrix Nanocomposites (MMNC) CSIR Prof. Devender Kumar, P.I. Prof. Om Prakash-Co-PI, Prof. MM Singh, Co-PI
9335411705 ,
5 A Versatile Bidirectional Optional Battery Charger SERB Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh, PI,Prof. R.K.Mishra, Co-PI, Prof. D.Singh, Co-PI
9451890026 ,
6 Design, Development and Performance Analysis of Silicon Carbide Converter for Aerospace Application SERB Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh, PI
NA ,
7 Development of Air Breathing Microfluidic Fuel Cell for the Direct Use of Ethanol as fuel for Power Generation SERB Dr. Hiralal Pramanik, P.I.
9451067130 ,
8 DAE-Raja Ramanna Fellow DAE Prof. S.N. Upadhyay (Emeritus Professor),P.I.
NA ,
9 Development of technology for the generation of biological hydrogen: a second generation fuel DST Ms. NehaSrivastava under guidance of Prof. P.K.Mishra
NA ,
10 DST/INSPIRE Faculty Award (IFA-12-PH-21) (Rare earth doped luminescent nanostructures for bio imaging and photovoltaic applications) DST Dr. S.K. Singh
8127488191 ,
11 IFA-12-Ph-22 DST/INSPIRE FACULTY Award/2012 INPIRE FACULTY AWARD (Megnetization dynamics of antiferromagnetic nanoparticles arranged on the geometrically - frustrated arrays) DST Shri Sunil Kumar Mishra
9889436217 ,
12 Development of new Electrolyte materials with optimized electrical/ionic/conductivity for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells DRDO Dr. Prabhakar Singh
9451002283 ,
13 A Systematic Study on the Correlation Between Structural, Magnetic and Properties of Multiferroric Cd1-xAxV2O4 and Bi (Mn1-xAx)o3 [A=Fe,Co,Ni] both in bulk and nano phases BRNS-DAE Dr. SandipChatterjee
9453764478 ,
14 Dynamics of IONS in Tellurite Glasses of Variables Composition CSIR Dr. Prabhakar Singh
9451002283 ,
15 Study of Magnetospheric Wave-Particle interaction, Aurora, Airglow and Conductivities on Planets and their Satellites ISRO Dr. D. Giri/ R.P. Singhal/ O.N. Singh
9839885243 ,
16 Wavelets and operational matrix based techniques for integral and differential equations SERB, New Delhi Dr. Rajesh Kumar pandey
9453897736 ,
17 INSPIRE Faculty Award (Computational modelling of noval materials for efficient robust organic solar photovoltaic cells) DST, New Delhi Dr. Neha Agnihotri
NA ,
18 Design and Development of a smart Energy Grid Architecture with Energy storage DST Prof. R.K. Pandey
9839218001 ,
19 Evaluation and Optimisation of Biodiesel Production from Microalgae DST Prof. Yogesh Chandra Sharma
0542 - 2570001 9935616119 ,
20 Development of SrTiO3 based Anode Materials for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells BRNS Dr. Prabhakar Singh/Prof. A.S.K. Sinha
9451002283 ,
21 Study and Analysis of Mathematical Models of Nonlinear Fractional Order Diffusion Equations” SERB Dr. Subir Das
9451141269 ,
22 NOx Removal from Diesel Exhaust by combined NOx storage Reduction and NH3 SCR System SERB Dr. Sweta
8808633089 ,
23 Development of Electropulsing Facility for Synthesis of Bulk Nanostructured Materials B.R.N.S. Dr. Rampada Manna Prof. G.V.S. Sastry/ Prof. R.K. Pandey/ Prof. S.N. Ojha
9452156176 ,
24 De Novo Synthesis of orthogonally protected uronic acid building blocks: Access to various important oligosaccharides SERB Dr. JeyakumarKandasamy
9794516773 ,
25 MHD Waves in the Solar Atmosphere and Refined Magneto-seismology ISRO Dr. Abhishek Kr. Srivastava/ Dr. Anita Mohan
9598505336 ,
26 Development & Evaluation of Infrared Nanoparticles for Cellular-wide sensitive E-field Mapping DST Nano Mission Dr. Manoj Kumar
0542-716-5222 ,
27 Efficient Generation of a Query-Specific Extractive Summary on Multiple Documents – A Distributive Approach SERB Dr. RavindranathChowdary
+91 542 7165322 , rchowdary.cse @
28 Pyrolysis of Biomass for the Producation of Bio-oil: Experimental and Computational Study DST Dr. J.P. Chakraborty
9795396580 ,
29 Observations and Modeling of solar transients & space weather candidates SERB Dr. Abhishek Kr. Srivastava
9598505336 ,
30 Studies on Improvements in Stiffness of Aluminum Alloy Fibres D.R.D.O.,CARS, Jodhpur Dr. Rampada Manna/ Dr. K. Chattopadhyay
9452156176 ,
31 Photolabile Protected Monosaccharides: Syntehsis and Application to Oligosaccharides Synthesis Using a Continuous flow Photoreactor Germany Dr. JeyakumarKandasamy
9794516773 ,
32 Development of high Thorough put Processing route for CIGS PV absorber films by spray pyrolysis of Pre-synthesised Nanoparticle Ink SERB Dr. M.I. Ahmad/ Dr. S. Das
+91 8292214930 ,
33 Fabrication of low-cost High-through out Flow Cytometer using tunable nanolenses. DST, New Delhi DrAnkurVerma
+91-542 716 5210 ,
34 Numerical methods for integral equations and differential equations by using Wavelets and operational matrix SERB, New Delhi Dr. Vineet Kumar Singh
7376716701 ,
35 Seamless synthesis of large-area 2D transition metal di-chlcogenide semiconductors and their applications in next-generation high-performance optoelectronic devices SERB, New Delhi Dr. Santanu Das/ Dr. BholaNath Pal
+91-9918910417 ,
36 Development of solution methods for Abel’s integral equations and generalized Abel’s integral equation DAE, Mumbai Dr.Rajesh Kr. Pandey
9453897736 ,
37 Photolabile Protected Monosaccharides: Syntehsis and Application to Oligosaccharides Synthesis Using a Continuous flow DST, New Delhi Dr. JeyakumarKandasamy
9794516773 ,
38 Development of nickel free nitrogen austenitic stainless steel for biomedical applications Min. of Steel, GoI Dr G.S. Mahobia/ Dr. KausikChattopadhyay/Prof. Vakil Singh
9889296522 ,
39 On characterizing and Obtaining the Complete Efficient Solution Set of an Interval Optimization Problem under a D-Dominance and a variable Dominance Structure SERB, New Delhi Dr. DebdasGhosh
NA ,
40 DST-INSPIRE Faculty Award (IFA-13 PH 54) understanding structure and dynamics of the Interstelar medium DST, New Delhi Dr. PrasunDuttta
9405167286 ,
41 Combined effect of dynamic electrical stimulation and surface charge on cellular functionality of electrovector and piezoelectrically toughened bioceramics SERB Dr. Ashutosh Kr. Dubey
91 8726823415 ,
42 Cold sintered ferroelectric polymer Ceramic Nano composites for Energy Storage SERB Dr. AkankshaDwivedi
9889898888 ,
43 Development of rare earth free ceramic magnet with high energy and curie temperature for motor applications SERB Dr. Pradip Kr. Roy
05427165176 ,
44 A different Perspective of Spectral Graph Theory in the Structural Characterization of Networks SERB Dr. Lavanya Sivakumar
+91-9841339208 ,
45 Development of an energy –efficient wireless sensor networks for precision agriculture DST Dr. H.P. Gupta
+91-542-230-7056 ,
46 Development and structural characterization of Bi2-xMx3+(y-3)/2 coating for protection against coolant & sensors UGC DAE-CSR Dr. JoysuryaBasu
9791673025 ,
47 Development of portable electrochemical sensor hydrogen peroxide BRNS Mumbai P.C.Pandey
0542 - 6702878 ,
48 Investigation of Glass - Ceramic for Capacitive Energy Storage Applications CSIR Prof .Prabhakar Singh
9451002283 ,
49 Incorporating Intelligence in Email System BRNS Dr. Ruchir Gupta
0542-230-7056 ,
50 Electronic Structure evolution across quantum critical point in Li(Ti1-xVx)2O4 Li1-x Znx)V2O4 SERB Dr. Swapnil Patil
9421066673 ,
51 RobustAdaptive Mesh Methods for Singularly Perturbed Problems in Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations SERB Dr. Sunil Kumar
+91-7835014019 ,
52 Collection of self-propelled particles in inhomogeneous environment : numerical & analytical Studies SERB Dr. Shradha Mishra
9598368278 ,
53 Design Development & characterization of porous Ti/SiO2 composite with tailored microstructure fabricated by powder metallurgy using rice husk and sucrose as space holder for orthopaedic applications DBT Dr. KalyaniMohanta
9450843677 ,
54 In situ electron microscopy at atomic scale for understanding nucleation growth and interfaces of omega phase SERB Dr. JoysuryaBasu
9791673025 ,
55 Optimization of recovery of valuable metals from waste printed circuit boards (WPCBs) through modified hydrometallurgical route UGC Dr. K.K.Singh
+91 9956949289 ,
56 The sun under the microscope – An integrated research activity to maximize the science return from a new generation of missions to study the sun UGC Abhishek srivastav
9598505336 ,
57 Schwarz waveform relaxation methods for singularly Perturbed Parabolic Problems SERB Dr. Sunil Kumar
+91-7835014019 ,
58 Novel Electrode Materials for Reversible alkali –ion (Li+/Na+) capacitors and Pseudocapacitors SERB Dr. Preetam Singh
9473720659, 81188737 ,
59 Mix energy Source Electric Vehicle Charging System Design and its Impact on Indian Smart –distribution - grid DST Dr. R.K.Singh
9451890026 ,
60 Detailed lacture based curriculum development for science subjects as part of Induction Programme in AICTE COLLEGES AICTE Dr. Indrajit Sinha
9235846141 ,
61 A Robust medical image forensics system for smart healthcare SERB Dr. Tanima Dutta
+91-542-230-7056 ,
62 Development of glasses as plant nutrients SERB Prof. Ram Pyare (PI) Dr. RK Chaturvedi (CoPI), Dr. Preetam Singh(CoPI)
9888988578 ,
63 Modeling self assembly and phase seperation kinetics in the complex soft materials SERB Dr. Awaneesh Kumar Singh
+91-9873071126 ,
64 Ramanujan Fellowship Award SERB Dr. Bidya Binay Karak
8953043071 ,
65 Design Modelling and simulation of linear Induction Drive for Propulsion Applications CARS, DRDO Prof. R.K.Srivastava
9839082961 ,
66 Generation and analysis of light source with unconventional structure SERB Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh
.+91-542-6701917 ,
67 Metal hexacyanoferrate modified screen printed electrodes for the removal of radio nuclides DRDO Prof. P.C. Pandey(PI), Prof. Y.C.Sharma (CoPI)
0542 - 6702878 ,
68 Study and analysis of Mathematical Models of Moving Boundtry Problems SERB Dr. Rajeev
+91 9451941396 ,
69 A Stack development of untilized regenerative Proton Exchange Memberance Fuel Cell for Large Scale Production of Ultra Pure Hydrogen Fuel, Oxygen using Solar Energy & uninterrupted Power SERB Dr. Hiralal Pramanik
9451067130 ,
70 Development of Hgh Alumina(Al2O3) & DOPED High Alumina materials for Ceramic Catridge Applications Yantransh Auto Pvt. Ltd Dr. Santanu Das
+91-9918910417 ,
71 Investigations of new lead free perovskite materials for solar cells SERB Prof. Prabhakar Singh
9451002283 ,
72 Applications of Spectral graph theory in analyzing the structural properties of large scale networks SERB Dr. Lavanya Silveganeshan
+91-9841339208 ,
73 Controlled synthesis of MoO3 nanoparticles inside mesoporous materials for oxidative dehydrogenation of organic moleciles with CO2 SERB Dr. Vijay Maruti Shinde
NA ,
74 Construction of Non-monotonic Lyapunov Function for the Dynamical Systems governed by differential inclusions SERB Dr. Shyam Kamal
9769586290 ,
75 RKVY-RAFTAAR, Agribusiness Incubators (R-ABI) under RKVY-RAFTAAR Scheme DACFW Prof. P.K.Mishra
9415301462 ,
76 Direct cooling of the Silicon Photovoltaic Module Enabled by an Array of Micro channel built in the backside EVA -Layer SERB Dr. Ravi Prakash Jaiswal
8953945010 ,
77 Approximation methods for problems in fractional calculus of variations SERB Dr. Rajesh Kr. Pandey
9453897736 ,
78 Virtual synchronous generator for microgrid applications SERB Dr. N.Krishna Swami Naidu
+91-8106562887 ,
79 Removal of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene (BTEX) using Adsorption and Bioremediation SPARC-MHRD Dr. RS Singh (Chemical)(PI) Prof. BN Rai (CoPI) (Chemical)
9450119379 ,
80 Harnessing the synergy of low band gap organic semiconductor and highly facile floating film transfer methofd for low cost efficient organic electronic devices SPARC-MHRD Prof. Rajiv Prakash (PI) Prof. Praddep Kumar Jain (CoPI -electronics Engg.)
9935033011 ,
81 Strategies towards generation of functional tissue engineered construct for orthopedic application SPARC-MHRD Prof. Pradip Srivastav (PI), Prof. Amit Rastogi (CoPI)
9415302088 ,
82 Role of short range ordering in desigining high entropy alloys SERB Dr. Vikash Jindal (PI) Dr. NK. Mukhopadhyay (CoPI)
NA ,
83 Cyclic thermochemical fuel generation SERB Dr. Randhir Singh (PI), Dr. Bratindranath Mukherjee (CoPI)
+91-8093919229 ,
84 Output feed back controller design for linear parameter varying systems SERB Dr. Sandip Ghosh (PI), Dr. Shyam Kamal (CoPI), Dr. NKS Naidu (CoPI), Dr. SK Singh (CoPI)
9438425749 ,
85 Modelling & simulation of ultra-high temperature coating on substrate using CVD/CVI Process DRDO Dr. Vijay Maruti Shinde
NA ,
86 Development of magnetically recyclable visible light photocatalysts for H2O2 Production BRNS Dr. Indrajit Sinha (PI), Prof Rajiv Prakash (CoPI)
9235846141 ,
87 INSPIRE Faculty Award (Development of a unified physical model for hot deformation and creep to support the development of high temperature materials) DST Dr. Suryadeo Yadav
NA ,
88 Detailed study on the effect of mining as well as Thermal Power Stationss on Natural water bodies in Singrauli Region and Recommendation Thereof NCL Prof PK Mishra
9415301462 ,
89 Development of transition metal based nanocatalysts for bioinspired water oxidation CSIR Dr. Arindam Indra
9919080675 ,
90 Developing Superior Nobel Metal free Oxygen Evolution Catalyst for Electrochemical Water oxidation and Metal -Air Battery SERB Dr. Asha Gupta
6390363140 ,
91 Promoting water Oxidation Reaction with Electrochemically Synthesized ultrathin Layered double Hydroxide Nanosheets SERB Dr. Arindam Indra
9919080675 ,
92 Prospects of power converters for integration of electric vehicle charging stations with the existing distribution system in India SPARC - MHRD Dr. Santosh kumar singh (PI),
9438425749 ,
93 Targeting kinesins Mediated regulation of nociceptors for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain SPARC - MHRD Dr. Vinod Tiwari (PI), Dr. Sanjay Singh (CoPI)
91 7069532713 ,
94 Weaer corrosion and biocompatibility of Tantalum (Ta) coated 316 L, Stainless steel fotr Ortopedic Applications SERB Dr. CK Behera
7376470920 ,
95 Tuning self assembly of fluoresent Protein Nanodots for Melanoma Skin Cancer SERB Dr. Avanish Singh Parmar (PI) Dr. SK Yadav (CoPI)
8601733330 ,
96 Setting up advanced research centre got Iron & Steel (ARCIS) Ministry of Steel, JPC Kolkata Dr. Rampada Manna
9452156176 ,
97 Development of Microfluidic tools for neuromuscular synatogenesis and nanotoxicological studies DST Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Mahto
7617052884 ,
98 Development and evaluation of an innovative poly herbal Bi layer wound dressing material DRDO Dr. Pradeep Srivastava
9415302088 7706890302 ,
99 Analysis, Design and Simulation of an S Band MILO DRDO Prof. P.K. Jain
9336912293 ,
100 Study of tool wear in diamond turn mechining & micro machining process BARC, Mumbai Prof. Sandeep Kumar, P.I. Dr. U.S. Rao
9452761925 ,
101 Development of Sheet Hydro-forming Process for missile Components DRDO Prof. Santosh Kumar
07080794851 ,
102 Technology and Fabrication of Tabletop CNC Machine for Micro-Tubular Hydro forming Setup BARC Prof. Santosh Kumar
07080794851 ,
103 Assessment of residual stress upon friction stir welding of steel SERB Dr. Mohd. Zaheer Khan Yusufzai
08853229620 ,
104 Synthesis and Characterization of novel segmented polyurethane graphene nanocomposites for biomedical applications SMST Prof. Pralay Maiti
9935141321 ,
105 Quenching behavior of dry heated ord with nanofluid BRNS Dr. Pradyumna Ghosh
9415256256 ,
106 Cognitive Linguistic study of perception verbs in Hindi and English: In the context of machine translation DST(CSRI) Dr. Swasti Mishra
9389156777 ,
107 Design of High Temperature Facility for Graphite Dust Formation and Transport. BRNS(DAE) Dr. Prashant Shukla
9452563956 ,
108 Development & evaluation of nanocarrier for enhanced anti-microbai activity of anacrdic acid against human and plant pathogens DST Dr. Sanjay Singh
9415290851 ,
109 J.C. Bose Fellowship SERB Prof. Dhananjay Pandey
0542-2314658 ,
110 Design and Synthesis of novel Matrix Metallo Proteinase (MMP-2 & 9)Inhibitors as therapeutic agents for Alzheimer’s disease DBT Dr. Sushil Kumar Singh
9415812970 ,
111 Neutron Diffraction Studies on Nanoparticles of Cobalt Chromite by A/B Site Mixing UGC Dr. Chandana Rath
9451058153 ,
112 Electromagnetic Analysis, Design and simulation of an X-band Gyro-Twystron Amplifier SERB Dr. M. Thottapan
+91-542-716-5424 ,
113 Design Development and Fabrication of an Incremental Sheet Hydro forming Machine Setup SERB Dr. Santosh Kumar
07080794851 ,
114 Polymeric Nanobiohybrids for Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery SERB Prof. Pralay Maiti
9935141321 ,
115 Development of a Rubber based sheet Hydro forming setup DRDL, CARS Hyderabad Prof. Santosh Kumar
07080794851 ,
116 Experimental Evaluation of Geroprotective Activity of Some Compounds Natreon Dr. Sairam Krishnamurthy
9935509199 ,
117 Evaluation of some compounds in experimental Alzherimer Disease Natreon Dr. Sairam Krishnamurthy
9935509199 ,
118 Design Investigations of High Power MM Wave W Band Gyratron CARS Prof. P.K. Jain
9336912293 ,
119 Development of low voltage, low power, colloidal quantum dot light-emitting transistors for next generation display technology SERB Dr. Bhola Nath Pal
8174917900 ,
120 Pharmacological Effect of novel formulation in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis rodent model DISTO Dr. Sairam Krishnamurthy
9935509199 ,
121 Co2 Capture in Carbon nanocomposites DST Dr. Ashish Kumar Mishra
9685006543 ,
122 Design and development of miniaturized pattern/frequency reconfigurable MIMO antennas and its performance improvement using artificial electromagnetic material SERB Dr. Manoj Kumar Meshram
9450533003 ,
123 Construction of Cold Inducible Expression System DBT Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh
7376676870 ,
124 Enhancement of Lipid Content in Microalge Scenedesmus Obliquus Using Genetic Engineering Tool: a step towards biodiesel CST Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh
7376676870 ,
125 Characterization and validation of Schlieren Technique for Capturing Shock Wave DRDO Dr. Amitesh Kumar
9439949971 ,
126 Development of Polymer and Quantum Dots Blended Tandem Solar Cells Using Low Cost Solution Processed Method SERB Prof. Satyabrata Jit
9453364250 ,
127 Screening of novel antibiotics from the metagenome of Himalayan glacial soil DRDO Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh
7376676870 ,
128 Design & investigation of thermal conducting two dimensional heterostructures SERB Dr. Ashish Kumar Mishra
9685006543 ,
129 Propagation & Mitigation model of mixed road traffic noise for planning of mid- sized Indian Cities MHRD IMPRINT Dr. Brind Kumar
9450230963 ,
130 Physical Layer Security for LTE based Wireless Networks to increase Jamming Margin CRL - BEL Dr. K.V. Srinivas
NA ,
131 Identification of Gene Responsible for Degradation of Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate) in Ideonella sakaiensis DBT Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh
7376676870 ,
132 Nanoparticles supported self Assembled Conducting Polymer Monolayer Based Platform for Rapid Detection of Monosodium Glutamate in Food Products DBT Dr. Marshal
9652013844, 542-716-5126 ,
133 Neem seed based nanocapsules and nanomedicine for targeted drug delivery and cancer therapy SERB Dr. Pradip Paik
8500109932 ,
134 Funcional-hollow-porous-bipolymer based Nanoformulations and Interventions for treatment of Cancer and prevention of Tuberculosis, concept of nanomedicine with multiple drugs for multiple diseases DST Dr. Pradip Paik
8500109932 ,
135 INSPIRE Faculty Award DST Dr. Manash Chakraboratory
9611193361 ,
136 Design & Development of Combined Cooling and Power Generation system CST-UP Dr. S.K. Shukla
9450011123 ,
137 Smart & Integrated Pedestrian System Design MHRD, MoUD, GMR Airport Developers (Ltd), Vikram Solar Pvt. LTd Dr.Ankit Gupta (Co- PI)
78391-14642 ,
138 Screening of Novel Psychrophilic alkaline Protace from the metagenoime of Antartic soil SERB Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh
7376676870 ,
139 Ramanujan Fellow SERB Dr. Sanjay Singh
9415290851 ,
140 Flow and segregation of granular materials out of hoppers and two & three dimensional devices CST-UP Dr. Vishal Mishra
9415962309 ,
141 Development of low cost sodium ion battery: Fabrication and application of NASICON based electrodes DST Prof. Rajiv Prakash
9935033011 ,
142 Understanding the mechanism of action through cell biology and upgradation of herbal drug in solution and biodegradable patch for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer BIRAC Prof. Pralay Maiti
9935141321 ,
143 Elastocaloric effect measurement setup to study caloric effect in shape memory alloys UGC- DAE Dr. Sanjay Singh
9415290851 ,
144 Pharmacology of Natural drugs in obesity and eating disorders Natreon Dr. Sairam Krishnamurthy
9935509199 ,
145 Meter Scale Granite block Smectic clay barriers experiment and associated TMH modeling for Indian Pit mode reference geological Disposal System BRNS Dr. A.K. Verma
7781012407 ,
146 INSPIRE Faculty Award DST-INSPIRE Dr. A.K. Verma
7781012407 ,
147 Development of anticorrosive paints Harind chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. LTd Prof. Pralay Maiti
9935141321 ,
148 Study, Design and Implementation of Frequency Selective Metasurfaces for Microwave Applications SERB-ECRA Dr. Somak Bhattacharyya
+91-542-2366638 ,
149 Dissecting brain reward circuitry and CNS comorbidities in chronic neuropathic pain SERB-ECRA Dr. Vinod Tiwari
7069532713 ,
150 Radionuclide sensing platform based on functionalized polymer having nanochannels using accelerator BRNS - DAE Prof. Pralay Maiti
9935141321 ,
151 Landslide stability analysis in subzero environment around Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, India DST Dr. A.K. Verma
7781012407 ,
152 Mott transistors based Neuromorphic memory device DST Dr. Shrawan Kumar Mishra
9129113336 ,
153 Minimizing hysteresis in magnetic shape memory Heusler alloys for reversible magnetocaloric effect SERB Dr. Sanjay Singh
9415290851 ,
154 Active Vibration Control of Smart Composite and Sandwich Structures in hydro-thermal Environment SERB Dr. Rosalin Sahoo
9930425013 ,
155 Investigation on dynamic response analysis of shallow foundation resting on pond ash deposits SERB- ECRA Dr. Supriya Mohanty
9848262825 ,
156 Phytochemical and pharmacological evaluations of bioactivity guided fractions of medicinal plants of Tripura DBT Dr. A.N. Sahu
9451137862 ,
157 Development of an intelligent evaporative cooler for composite climate DST Dr. Jahar Sarkar
9919787557 ,
158 Targeted drug delivery of methotrexate/gallic acid- folate conjugated Poly L-Lysine nanoparticles DBT Dr. Abha Mishra
9451887940 ,
159 Low cost ammonia gas sensor based on polymer/polymer nanocomposite device formed by novel floating film transfer (FTM) technique IMPRINT- SERB Prof. Rajiv Prakash
9935033011 ,
160 Development and assessment of asphalt mastic from typical Indian and Austrian filler materials with a new test method DST Dr. Nikhil Saboo
7579048967 ,
161 Nanoscale interfacial magnetic skyrmions and its applications in memory devices DST Dr. Shrawan Kumar Mishra
9129113336 ,
162 Development of Ti alloy based composites by mechanical alloying and stirrer casting route for dental applications SERB Dr. Rakesh kumar Gautam
9412956461 ,
163 River Aquifer exchanges & hydrogeological study for watershed management of betwa river basin NRDMS Dr. Shishir Gaur
+91-7877152766 ,
164 Photonic radative cooler for passive sub-ambient cooling SERB- IMPRINT Dr. Jahar Sarkar
9919787557 ,
165 Table Top Sem Advanced Materials Pvt. LTd Prof. Rajiv Prakash
9935033011 ,
166 NRDC Innovation Facilitation Centre National Research Development Centre Prof. Rajiv Prakash
9935033011 ,
167 Chemical modification of Gaur Gum to improve its properties Hindustan Gum Pvt. Ltd Prof. Pralay Maiti
9935141321 ,
168 Design and development of Micro Seismic based technique for monitoring and prediction of slope failure in Pandoh, Himachal Pradesh, India SERB Dr. A.K. Verma
7781012407 ,
169 Whole body Vibration Exposure on HEMM Operators in Surface Coal Mines – An Assessment of Various Contributing Factors SERB Dr. S.K. Palei
9415385467 ,
170 National Geotechnical Conclave on “Development of Early warning system (EAWS) for Landslide Hazard Mitigation on 21-22 March, 2019 DST Dr. A.K. Verma
7781012407 ,
171 Natural Template Based Novel Neuroprotective Molecules for the management of Alzheimer’s Disease SERB- CRG Dr. G.P. Modi
7310008444 ,
172 Design and Development of Affordable Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand SERB-CRG Dr. Shiru Sharma
9792200922 ,
173 Aging studies and estimation of thermal properties of Liner Materials DRDO Prof. Pralay Maiti
9935141321 ,
174 Development of complex Aluminium Shell Part High pressure die-casting DRDL Hyderabad Prof. Santosh Kumar
07080794851 ,
175 Assessing the Suitability of warm mix asphalt (WMA) Technology Using Tribological and Performance Characteristics SERB, ECRA Dr. Nikhil Saboo
7579048967 ,
176 Pharmacological evaluation of anti-diabetic effects of some natural drugs Natreon Inc. Dr. Sairam Krishnamurthy
9935509199 ,
177 How Beclin 1 mediates cross-talk between apoptosis and autophagy via ITS C-Terminal Fragment? CSIR Prof. Vikash Kumar Dubey
NA ,
178 Development of novel near infrared fluroscence imaging probes for detecting amyloid beta species in eyes of Alzheimer’s disease animal model ICMR Dr. Gyan Prakash Modi
7310008444 ,
179 Impact of Carbon Nanomaterial based Photocatalyst on Microalgae Growth and Lipid for improved Biodiesel DBT Prof. Rajiv Prakash
9935033011 ,
180 Electromagnetic Analysis, Design and Simulation of Dual Frequency (S- and C-band ) Relativistic Backward wave Oscillator – A HPM Source DRDO Dr. M. Thottappan & Dr. Somak Bhattarcharya
+91-542-716-5424 ,
181 Development of high strength ceramic magnet for rotating machine applications SERB-IMPRINT Dr. Pradip Roy
05427165176 ,
182 Rheophysics of semi-rigid road building materials and optimization of their composites for the perception of heavy transport load DST Dr. Nikhil Saboo
7579048967 ,
183 Optimization Of capacity utilization of draglines deployed in NCL through Big data Analytics NCL Prof. Suprakash Gupta
0542-2369442 ,
184 Study for impact assessment of back filling of fly ash in abandoned gorbi mine and treatment/management of acidic water to avoid contamination of ground water and soil NCL Prof. Aarif Jamal
9450013951 ,
185 Contribution of Neighboring Industries over the air quality of mining area NCL Prof. Aarif Jamal
9450013951 ,
186 Evaluation of ground behaviour in open cart and underground excavations using TDR NCL Prof. Sanjay Kuamr Sharma
9450950078 ,
187 Stability Evaluation of dump slopes & developing slope stability model for design of Long Term Stable Dump Slopes through proper benching & vegetation : Part A NCL Dr. Rajesh Rai
8400051473 ,
188 Stability Evaluation of Dump Slopes and Developing Slope Stability Models for Design of Long Term Stable Sump Slopes through Proper Benching and Vegetation – Part B NCL Prof. G.S.P. Singh
9451828337 ,
189 Novel Milk Exosomes for the combination therapy by using selected natural medicine (Paclitaxel & Colchicine) for the efficient management of breast cancer SERB Dr. Ashish kumar Agrawal
6376983676 ,
190 Safer Roads: Development of Mix Design Methodology for OGFC Mixes CST-UP Dr. Nikhil Saboo
7579048967 ,
191 Development of Simulation Software for Spintronic Device & Circuit Simulation SERB Dr. Shivam Verma
05427165437 ,
192 Life cycle and performance of Waste Plastic roads NRIDA Dr. Nikhil Saboo
7579048967 ,
193 Life Cycle and performance assessment of cold mix roads NRIDA Dr. Nikhil Saboo
7579048967 ,
194 Slope stability monitoring and analysis using hyperspectral imaging SERB Dr. Tarun Verma
07379996677 ,
195 Equipment for Coal Laboratory at IIT(BHU) NCL Dr. Aarif Jamal
9450013951 ,
196 Understanding the engineering behavior of unsaturated geomaterials and implementing it in limit analysis for solving geotechnical problems SERB Dr. Manash Chakraborty
9611193361 ,
IIT Palakkad, 2019-2020
SNo Project Name Scheme Name PI Details
1 Bio-inspired Hybrid Underwater Vehicle for Ocean Observations SERB CRG Grant Dr. Santhakumar Mohan, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
04923 226 434 ,
2 Identification of the Substrates of DHHC Palmitoyl Acyltransferases by Rational Design of Trifunctional Probe and Exploration of Protein S- Palmitoylation SERB ECRA Grant Dr. Sushabhan Sadhukhan, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
04923 226 349 ,
3 Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of TiO2 - polymer nanocomposite for photocatalytic oxidation of ethylene DFRL Project Dr. Dinesh Jagadeesan, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
04923 226 345 ,
4 Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology Development GadgEon Smart Systems Pvt. Ltd. Prof. Vinod A. Prasad, Professor, Electrical Engineering
04923 226 419 ,
5 ZIGBEE based wireless sensor network for landslide ISRO RESPOND Project Dr. Albert Sunny, Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
04923 226 389 ,
6 Feedback control of stochastic hybrid systems with state- dependent noise SERB MATRICS Grant Dr. Shaikshavali Chitraganti, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
04923 226 408 ,
7 Development of Failure Limiting Diagram For Surface Modified Wheel-rail and Wind-turbine Bearing Materials Through Rolling Contact Fatigue Studies SERB EMEQ Grant Dr. D. Kesavan, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
04923 226 437 ,
8 Ultra-precision machining of brittle materials - Material micro-structural perspective and cutting edge radius effect SERB SRG Dr. Afzaal Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
04923 226 432 ,
9 Sustainable and resilient environment friendly solutions for hill road design through a pilot study on Mannarkkad - Chinnathadagam Road Kerala PWD Project Prof. Tom V. Mathew, Professor, Civil Engineering
04923 226 474 ,
10 Analysis of Evacuation Options considering Citizen Mobility Patterns and Disaster Vulnerability in a Himalayan Region Transportation Network NMHS Project Dr. B. K. Bhavathrathan, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
04923 226 475 ,
11 Mechanistic correlation between homeostatic pressure and metastatic competence in cancer cells SERB ECRA Grant Dr. Bibhu Ranjan Sarangi, Assistant Professor, Physics
04923 226 326 ,
12 Linkage of Large Scale Ocean-Atmospheric Phenomena on Hydroclimatic Extremes in India SERB SRG Dr. Sarmistha Singh, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
04923 226 476 ,
13 Analytical and Experimental Investigation on Frequency Dependent Linear Control Algorithm for Performance Enhancement of Real Life Civil Structures under Random Excitation SERB SRG Dr. Sanjukta Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
04923 226 477 ,
14 Low voltage MEMS actuation using Negative Capacitance SERB SRG Dr. Arvind Ajoy, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
04923 226 414 ,
15 Design and Development of a Composite Heat Sink based Battery Thermal Management System for Indian Electric Vehicle Industry SERB SRG Dr. Samarjeet Chanda, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
04923 226 442 ,
16 Deep learning and Reinforcement learning: New algorithms with improved interpretability, scalability, reliability and efficiency SERB SRG Dr. Chandra Shekar Lakshminarayanan, Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
04923 226 398 ,
17 Drought preparedness in Kerala: A comprehensive assessment with respect to climate change KSCSTE Project Dr. Subhasis Mitra, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
04923 226 471 ,
18 Multi-functional optically-sensitive devices with high efficiencies using perovskites SERB SRG Dr. Revathy Padmanabhan, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
04923 226 417 ,
19 A multimodal brain-machine interface-based neuro-enhancement system for retarding the decline of cognitive and motor functions in the early-stages of Dementia, Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease patients DST CSRI Project Prof. Vinod A. Prasad, Professor, Electrical Engineering
04923 226 419 ,
20 Bayesian Deep Models for Efficient Privacy - Aware Learning in the Era of Big Data and Personalization SERB SRG Dr. Mrinal Kanti Das, Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
04923 226 396 ,
21 Isolated Transition Metal Atoms on Defect- Engineered Graphene: Synthesis and Catalytic Oxidation of Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds SERB CRG Dr. Dinesh Jagadeesan, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
04923 226 345 ,
22 Proof Checking of 40m Girder and Deck Slab: Flyover at Vytilla Consultancy Project with Kerala PWD Dr. Anil Kumar M. V., Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
04923 226 463 ,
23 Vetting of Detailed Design of Viaduct from 1+786 to 2+013 along Thiruvalla Bypass Consultancy Project with EKK Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Anil Kumar M. V., Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
04923 226 463 ,
24 Checking and Vetting of Design Solution of Reinforced Flooring, done by Flatworx Consulting LLP Consultancy Project with Flatworx Consulting LLP Dr. Sunitha K. Nayar, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
04923 226 472 ,
25 Study on soil improvement over CCKPL Consultancy Project with BPCL Dr. Divya P. V., Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
04923 226 467 ,
26 Structural stability check of flag mast for Naval Academy, Ezhimala Consultancy Project with Garrisson Engineer (Maint) Ezhimala Dr. Anil Kumar M. V., Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
04923 226 463 ,
IIT Tirupati, 2019-2020
SNo Project Name Scheme Name PI Details
1 High throughput materials modeling for efficient optoelectronics and charge transport applications; towards better solar cells DST Dr.Arun Kumar Manna
94905 59580 ,
2 Force identification in existing structures DST Dr.B Radhika
88952 39837 ,
3 Structure intergrated sensors and actuators to monitor and renew machine tool performance MHRD Dr.Abijith Ganguli
88009 44019 ,
4 Design, development and demonstration of indigenous hydrogen storage and fuel cell system for mobile and stationary applications of 5 KW capacity MHRD Dr.E.Anil Kumar
78797 79188 ,
5 Reversible alkali metal based hybrides for High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage DST Dr.E. Anil Kumar
78797 79188 ,
6 Thermal-metallurgical-mechanical modeling of single and multi-wire deposition welding process using finite element method as well as CFD-FEM framework DST Dr. Degala Venkata Kiran
96524 03553 ,
7 NPTL-DTH SWAYAMA Prabha MHRD Dr. T S Natarajan
83339 04915 99626 09753 ,
8 Lambert W and Polylogarithm Operations in Theoretical and Applied Physics SICI Dr. P.C. Deshmukh
97909 01114 ,
9 Enhancing QoS in Mobile Edge Computing Environments SICI Dr. P.S. Saikrishna
70326 85684 94980 73735 ,
10 Ab Initio Modeling of Defects in Nanoscale Materials DST Dr.Arun Kumar Manna
94905 59580 ,
11 Investigation on stochastic thermodynamics of entropic information: Aimining to beat the Landauer's limit SERB Dr. Debasish Mondal
95152 75435 99035 67954 ,
12 A Date - intensive groundwater modelling approach for evaluating sustainability of groundwater use DST Dr.Prasanna Venkatesh Sampath
94887 61564 ,
13 Centre for Sustainable treatment, reuse and management for Efficient, Affordable and Synergistic solutions for water DST Dr.Shihabhudeen Maliyekkal
91760 44656 ,
14 Algorithms for smart grids - INSPIRE DST Dr.Naveen Kolar Purushothama
95660 84352 ,
15 Role of institutions, incentives and information in enhancing ICSSR Dr.Chandra Sekhar Bahinipati
81281 60893 ,
16 Wave propagation by small inhomogeneities : Applications to medical Imaging, Effective medium theory and theory of Meta-materials DST Dr.Durga Prasad Chella
80088 02803 , chsmdp
17 Points on Elliptic curve over finite fields - INSPIRE Faculty Award DST Dr. Sumit Giri
96741 12901 ,
18 Investigation of Novel Quantum Spin Liquids & Multiferroics in Geometrically Frustrated Systems DST Dr.Koteswara Rao Bommisetti
7780110893 70361 74552 ,
19 Nanomaterials based active and intelligent packaging of selected baked, fermented and fried foods DBT Dr. T S Natarajan
83339 04915 99626 09753 ,
20 Lattice effects in strongly correlated electron systems SERB Dr. Rudra Sekhar Manna
98741 14278 94937 08913 ,
21 Synthesis and characterisation of composite thermochemical energy storage materials for solar thermal applications DST Dr. E. Anil Kumar
78797 79188 ,
22 Narrow gap welding of 12 mm thick naval steel using tandem gas metal arc welding process NRB Dr. Degala Venkata Kiran
96524 03553 ,
23 DST-IIT Bombay Energy Storage Platform on Hydrogen DST Dr. E. Anil Kumar
78797 79188 ,
24 Hybrid Mechanical Vapor Compression with Coupled Pressure and Temperature Swing Adsorption for Smart Chiller SERB Dr. E. Anil Kumar
78797 79188 ,
25 Developing a novel twin-fluid atomizer for energy efficient spray drying of high viscosity liquids SERB Dr. Madan Mohan Avulapati
73373 57384 ,
26 A Novel approach to Wind Turbine Siting and Wind Resource Assessment using Smart Drone based Wind Measurement System SERB Dr. Balaji Subramanian
99627 14606 ,
27 Abrasive Flow Finishing of Micro to Macro Complex Features DST Dr. Mamilla Ravi Sankar
8638393843 ,
28 A Non-Newtonian Fluid Model for the dissipation rate of interfacial waves SERB Dr. Girish Kumar Rajan
94453 65930 ,
29 Physics - based digital twin for automotive brakes SERB Dr. Sriram Sundar
95383 43956 ,
30 Nano-Finishing of Complex 3-DPrinted Metal and Ceramic Components Using Polymer Rheological Abrasive Medium SERB Dr. Mamilla Ravi Sankar
8638393843 ,
31 Failure envelopes generation for Uni-directional Composite plies / laminates using micro-scale strain and damage analysis: An experimental and numerical study SERB Dr. Subba Reddy Daggumati
80088 90497 ,
32 Regression Models for Doubly Inflated Multivariate Count Data using Copula SERB Dr. Ishapathik Das
80062 69461 62810 22263 ,
33 Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) Faculty Award SERB Dr. B Ravinder
9042 01512 ,
34 Developing a design basis for cold formed steel wall panels under seismic loading SERB Dr. M. Nithyadharan
97104 34014 ,
35 A Rayleigh Wave based Technique for near surface damage detection in concrete structures through application of non-contact based sensing CSIR Dr. Abhijit Ganguli
88009 44019 ,
36 Production of a nanocomposite sealant from aquatic - derived waste materials SERB Dr. Shihabudheen M Maliyekkal
91760 44656 ,
37 Interactive Desktop Tool for Nonstationary Internsity-Duration-Frequency Curves under Climate Change SERB Dr. Roshan Karan Srivastav
97504 47774 ,
38 "Accessing Householdes" - Preference for Energy Efficient Appliances in Bengaluru City, India: Internalities, Externalities and Social Norms" ICSSR Dr. Rahul A. Sirohi
91007 60099 ,
39 Panian School of Grammar: A seat of Modern Linguistics and (Post) Structural Poetics ICSSR Dr. Prabha Shankar Dwivedi
89898 89068 ,
40 Folk Media and Identity Construction: Production and Dissemination in Second Phase Telangana Movement ICSSR Dr. Vamshi Krishna Reddy Vemireddy
82804 68530 ,
41 Efficient distributed computation of massive data DST Dr. Pooja Prakash Vyavahare
95401 61825 ,
42 Automated Detection and Classification of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Head CT images SERB Dr. Subrahmanyam Gorthi
98453 69638 ,
43 Coexistence of LTE - Unlicensed and WiFi: Theory and Practice SERB Dr. K P Naveen
95660 84352 ,
44 A high accuracy digitizer for calibration of instrument transformers SERB Dr. Prashanth Vooka
99623 94221 82470 85659 ,
45 A novel scheme to cool the translational as well as internal degrees of freedom of any molecular ion beam SERB Dr. Reetesh Kumar Gangwar
80181 19014 ,
46 Attosecond spectroscopy as a probe of electron correlation in small polyatomics SERB Dr. Vinay Pramod Majety
73370 58990 ,
47 Intelligent Test and Reliability Architecture for Extreme Low-power_x000D_ loT Sensor Nodes SERB Dr. Jaynarayan Thakurdas Tudu
98863 05410 ,
48 Deep learning algorithms for molecular structural data analysis with applications in drug discovery and bioinformatics SERB Dr. Kalidas Yeturu
97899 00862 94800 90086 ,
49 A Scalable Secure Architecture Model for Privacy and Performance in IoT SERB Dr Venkataramana Badarla
79764 52644 ,
50 JC Bose Fellowship Award SERB Dr. Chebrolu Pulla Rao
99690 22554 ,
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, 2018-2019
SNo Project Name Scheme Name PI Details
1 To Augment the Post graduate Teaching and Research Facilities in the Department of Applied Geophysics DST Prof. P. R. Mohanty, Dept.of Applied Geophysics
9431125409 ,
2 Perception Informed by Navigation for Search and Rescue DRDO Dr. Mrinal Sen, Dept. of ECE
9471191435 ,
3 Studies on Light Induced Heating in Upconversion Nanoparticles and Their Optimization for the use as Photo-acoustic Contrast Agent DST Dr. Kaushal Kumar, Dept. of Applied Physics
9471191739 ,
4 Apex-predator Algorithm to Invert Potential Field Data Sets DMT Dr. S. P. Tiwari, Dept. of Applied Mathematics
9431711226 ,
5 Crustal Structure and Electrical LAB Beneath Rajmahal Trap and Dalma Volcanics from Magnetotelluric Investigations MoES Prof. Shalivahan, Department of Applied Geophysics
9471191496 ,
6 Formulating Marketing Strategy for Technological Products in North-East Region IMAGENOUS Dr. (Mrs.) Saumya Singh, Department of Management Studies
9031277737 ,  
7 A Reality Check NHRC Dr. (Mrs.) Rajni Singh, Department of HSS
9431711025  ,  
8 Study of Nanomechanical and Nanotribological Interaction of Particle-particle and Particle-surface Contact DST Dr. Aditya Kumar, Dept. of Chemical Engineering
7367053318 ,
9 Robust Supercapacitive Performance of Polymeric Matrix, Nanoscale Organic, and Inorganic Filler Reinforced Nanohybrid Electrode Materials for Battery Replacement DST Dr. R. B. Choudhary, Dept. of Applied Physics
10 Studies on Different Flocculants for Solid-Liquid Separation Processes of Coal Preparation Plants Tailings Tata Steel Dr. Sagar Pal, Dept. of Applied Chemistry
9471191529  ,  
11 Development of a sensitive tool to study the nonlinear properties of monoamine neurotransmitters DST Dr. Umakanta Tripathy,  Dept.  of  Applied Physics    
9471192489 ,
12 Benefits of Composite Cement over OPC and PSC in Terms of Strength and Durability OCL Dr. Sanket Nayak, Department of Civil Engg. 
9471192395  ,  
13 Scientific Study into various aspects regarding dumping of fly ash in the external and internal dumps of Dipka Expansion Project of M/s. South Eastern Coalfields Limited (a running mine) SECL Dr. Biswajit Paul, Department of ESE 
9431125959  ,  
14 Insights into the metallogenesis, tectonic elements, fluid evolution and controls of copper mineralization around Mundiyawas areas, Alwar District, Rajasthan: Implications for exploration DST Dr. Prabodha Ranjan Sahoo, Dept. of Applied Geology
7549200242  ,  
15 Assessment of the Relationship between Global Climatic Precursors and Hydrological Extremes through Probabilistic Graphical Models DST Dr. Kironmala Chanda,  Dept. of Civil Engineering
9430351290  ,  
16 Feasibility of using Nanoparticles for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Fields of ONGC IRS, ONGC Dr. Ajay Mandal, Dept. of  Petroleum Engg.
9431711017  ,  
17 Compressible Modules and their Applications NBHM Dr. Abhay Kr. Singh, Dept. of Applied Mathematics
8986696177  ,  
18 Scientific Study of Red Shale from Fujairah (UAE) as a Sustainable Brick Making Material POWERGEN Prof. S.K. Das, Dept. of Civil Engineering
9437390601  ,  
19 Health, Safety and Environmental Risk Assessment VEDANTA Dr. Vipin Kumar, Dept. of Environmental Science & Engg.
9471191352  ,  
20 Analytical modelling of surface waves in fiber-reinforced and micro-polar media DST Dr. Santimoy Kundu, Dept. of Applied Mathematics
9471191592  ,  
21 On residuted valued automata, categories and associated topologies DST Dr. S.P. Tiwari, Dept. of Applied Mathematics
9431711226  ,  
22 Vulnerability analysis of engineered slopes along NH-05, from Jeori to Tranda, Himanchal Pradesh, India DST Dr. Kripamoy Sarkar, Dept. of Applied Geology
9570145254  ,  
23 Divergent syntheses of chondroitin sulfate and fucosylated chondroitin sulfate oligosaccharides via orthogonally protected disaccharide intermediates DST Dr. Somnath Yadav, Dept. of Applied Chemistry
9471191492  ,  
24 Achieving improved operation of six pulse dc bus electrolytic capacitor-less three phase inverter DST Dr. Anirban Ghoshal, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
9886742394  ,
9431954821  ,  
26 Development of Approach and Methodology for Environmental Performance Rating Index (EPRI) for coal mines of Coal India Ltd. with reference to air quality ICFRE Dr. M.K. Jain, Dept. of Environmental Science & Engg. 
9431711095  ,  
27 To strengthen the research facilities in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering DST Prof. P.K. Jana, Dept. of Computer Science & Engg.
9431126447  ,  
28 Scientific Study of Ultimate Slope of Pit and Dumping Slope Stability of Working of Jambad OCP, Kajora Area, ECL ECL Prof. S.K. Das, Department of Civil Engineering
9437390601  ,  
29 Water wave interaction with wave-absorbing breakwaters in the presence of uneven sea bottoms DST Dr. Ramanababu Kaligatla, Dept. of AM
8227896049  ,  
30 Development of Eco-friendly Magnesium Alloy Nanocomposites for Structural & Biomedical Applications DST Dr. Ashis Mallick, Dept. of Mechanical Engg.
9471192246  ,  
31 Proterozoic gold mineralising system in North Singhbhum Mobile Belt IGC Dr. Sahendra Singh, Dept. of Applied Geology
9471191375  ,  
32 Geological Field Excursion to the Jharia Coal field: A Tribute to Sir Cyril Sidney Fox (A legacy of 125 years of Indian Mining and Mineral industry) IGC Dr. Sahendra Singh, Dept. of Applied Geology
9471191375  ,  
33 Ordered Classification Rules for Observations into Several Correlated Normal, Elliptic, von Mises-Fisher and Multivariate t-Populations DST Dr. Nabakumar Jana, Dept. of Applied Mathematics
326-223-5460 ,  
34 Assessing and promoting inclusion of the differently-abled in educational institutions in eastern India – with special reference to the chemical science community RSC Dr. Abha Rani, Dept. of Applied Mathematics
9430348121  ,  
35 Development of nano material reinforced particle gel systems for water and gas shut off in carbonate reservoirs IOGPT, ONGC Dr. Vikas Mahto, Dept. of Petroleum Engineering
9431711023  ,  
36 Development of low dosage hydrate inhibitors for the prevention of gas hydrate formation in the oil and gas field operations GHRTC, ONGC Dr. Vikas Mahto, Dept. of Petroleum Engineering
9431711023  ,  
37 On-site training on Geological Mapping in Mines MCL Dr. Mrinal Kanti Mukherjee, Dept. of Applied Geology
9431711148  ,  
38 Monitoring of air quality and analysis of water samples and noise monitoring at different points of Washery & Chasnalla SAIL Dr. B.K. Mishra, Dept. of ESE
9471191704  ,  
39 Improving fracture resistance of rocks through adhesive bonding for underground mining application MoM Prof. R.R. Das, Dept. of MME
8895556016  ,  
40 Design and efficient Implementation of low cost and power proficient model of Cyber Security System Physical layer circuit through accomplished powerful algorithm by advanced innovative electronic active devices DST Dr. Kaushik Mazumdar,  Dept. of ECE
9771420587  ,  
41 To Design, Develop and Fabricate a Piezoelectric Sensor Based Ash Level Measurement System NTPC Dr. Nirupama Mandal, Dept. of ECE
7763811072  ,  
42 Monitoring of air quality and analysis of water samples at different points of Jitpur Colliery SAIL Dr. Suresh Pandian E,  Dept. of ESE 
9471191703  ,  
43 Development of field traverses for 36th IGC:SR016 (Gravity gliding of Mesoproterzoic sedimentary cover of Kaladgi basin) IGC Dr. M.K. Mukherjee, Dept. of AGL
9431711148  ,  
9471191496  ,  
45 Synthesis and Application of Air-Stable Lewis Acid Catalysts of Main Group Elements DST Dr. Hari Pada Nayek, Dept. of AC  
9471191562  ,  
46 Investigation on Barter Piles in Laterally Spreading Soil MoES Dr. Rajib Sarkar, Dept. of CE
9430351282  ,  
47 Interoperability issues in Fog-Cloud Infrastructure for IoT Applications DST Dr. Tarachand Amgoth,  Dept. of CSE  
9471191420  ,  
48 Geomechanical and Wellbore stability modeling in Coal bed Methane Reservoirs in parts of Central and Eastern Indian Coalfields DST Prof. Rima Chatterjee, Dept. of AGP
9431914215  ,  
49 Dyke intruded fractured rock characterization using discrete dual porosity and neural network based modelling of geo-electrical data for water resource management DST Dr. Saumen Maiti, Dept. of AGP
9471192208  ,  
50 Scientific Study on Impact of Ironore Mining in Hydrological Behavior of Aquifers in Nadidih Iron & Mn. Mines in Tehsil Koira, Dist.: Sundargarh, Odisha of M/s Feegrade & Co. (P) Ltd. and M/s Bonai Industrial Co. Ltd. RUNGTA Dr. Biswajit Paul, Dept. of ESE  
9431125959  ,  
51 Rational design of amphiphilic self-assembled graft copolymers as drug carriers: experimental and theoretical approach DST Dr. Sagar Pal, Dept. of AC
9471191529  ,  
52 Structure and properties of nematic liquid crystal colloids in confined geometry: Theory, Computer Simulation and Experiment DST Dr. Pankaj Mishra, Dept. of AP
9470194401  ,  
53 Development of near infrared long persistent phosphors for defence and security applications DST Prof. Jairam Manam, Dept. of Applied Physics
9471192138  ,  
54 Multi-Hazard Performance Assessment of Highway Bridges under Seismic and Blast Loading DST Dr. Piyali Sengupta, Dept. of Civil Engg. 
9973402823  ,  
55 Design and development of novel adsorption systems for green refrigeration and CO2 capture DST Dr. Satyabrata Sahoo, Dept. of Mech. Engg. 
0326-223 ,  
56 Well growth ZnO nano rods used to fabricate LSPR based optical fiber sensor to detect automobile fuel adulteration DST Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh, Dept. of AP
9471191037  ,  
57 Design, Development and Prototyping of a Reduced Switch MLI based Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Energy Storage for Supplying Critical Loads and Fulfilling Peak Load Demand DST Dr. K.C. Jana, Dept. of EE 
9431382578  ,  
58 Roman domination in graphs and its variations: theory and algorithms DST Dr. Dinabandhu Pradhan, Dept. of AM
7070996650  ,  
59 Development of cheap and durable anti-fingerprint and anti-reflective coatings for electronic and optical display panels DST Dr. Aditya Kumar, Dept. of Chemical Engg.
7367053318  ,  
60 Performance Evaluation of Controller Placement for Software Defined Networks DST Dr. Jaisingh Thangaraj, Dept. of ECE
9471191822  ,  
61 Development of light weight high entropy alloy (HEA) nanocomposites DST Dr. Ashis Mallick, Dept. of Mechanical Engg
9471192246  ,  
9437390601  ,  
63 Upgradation of Power Hydraulics Lab DST(FIST) Prof. Kabir Dasgupta, Dept. of MME
9431126118  ,  
9471191153  ,  
65 Structural Reformation of EnFloc for Treatment of BOT Water TATA STEEL Dr. Sagar Pal, Dept. of Applied Chemistry
9471191529  ,  
66 Laboratory testing of samples of construction materials BCCL Prof. Sanket Nayak, Department of CE
9471192395  ,  
67 Environmental Management, Engineering Sciences DST Prof. Anshumali, Department of ESE
9934556176  ,  
68 Evaluating Basin-Scale Estimates of Evapotranspiration using Space-Based Observations DST Prof. T.H. Syed, Dept. of Applied Geology   
9430320286  ,  
9431120001  ,  
9431120001  ,  
71 Development of a non-invasive insulation diagnostic system for large power equipment employing cellulose impregnated with alternate dielectric liquid as its primary insulation taking into consideration the influence of trapped charge present in the system DST Dr. Arijit Baral, Dept. of Electrical Engg.   
9471192453  ,  
72 Nonlinear vibrations and instability analysis of composite structural elements through advanced shear-deformation theories and homogenization based damage model MHRD(SPARC) Dr. Sarat Kumar Panda, Dept. of Civil Engg.,
9570151300  ,  
73 Developing a framework of critical indicators for success of Remanufacturing in India DST Dr. Sandeep Mondal,  Dept. of MS 
9430352782  ,  
74 Design and development of fiber ring loop down (FRLD) based monitoring system for roof safety measure in underground mines DST Dr. Sanjoy Mandal, Dept. of EE
9470194782  ,  
75 Machine Learning based Agriculture Advent for Farmer Activity Development in India: An Application Approach DST Dr. Dharavath Ramesh, Dept. of CSE
9471191814  ,  
76 Development and Field Trial of 500 T Capacity SAGES-III for Use with Continuous Miners (Phase-III) CIL Prof. U.K. Singh, Dept. of Mining Engg.
9431126466  ,  
SNo Project Name Scheme Name PI Details
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SNo Project Name Scheme Name PI Details
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SNo Project Name Scheme Name PI Details
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SNo Project Name Scheme Name PI Details
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